Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I need inspiration !  So today I am donning my Apron and hopefully inspiration will come.  Last year I bought an apron at Joann Fabrics to machine embroider and I thought "Gee, I'll make a pattern of this apron so I dont have to buy more to embroider".  So I cut one out on tissue paper and have been using it ever since.  My granddaughter is studying art in college so I made one for her but changed the embroidery to paint brushes and a pallet instead.  I dont have a pic of that one. Darn... I found some great canvas type fabric and this wonderful Mary Engelbreit fabric.  I just love this lady's stuff!!! The fabric is not only whimsical and fun, it captures a lot of things I hold dear:  friends, home, garden, animals and of course my cuppa TEA...  Take a look...

Click to get a larger pic!

 I am  a bit better today,except when I try to get in and out of my chair, but walking better.Hubby is a dear man. He is doing all the stuff I generally do. Today he will vac. Who could ask for more. I am so lucky to have him. YAY...Thanks for stopping by. I enjoy your comments and all your wonderful blogs I have been following.


  1. I love the apron with the ME fabric and your embroidery. My office is decorated with ME ~ her work is just so cheerful and the colors so bright. You are so very talented and I thank you for sharing these amazing photos today. Thank your husband for helping while you are healing - and feel much better soon.

  2. That is just adorable! I love the embroidery you did. I so miss Mary Engelbreit's magazine. Her style is so whimsical and uplifting and that fabric is so cute!
    Have a beautiful day in your fabulous apron!

  3. Hi Aunt Sharon: Very nice site! Good job! Nice apron. You ARE very talented indeed. Good luck with your blog. So far it's very good in my opinion. Love, Anna :)

  4. ooh loving your work! im trying to find inspiration too....

  5. I love that apron, and the ME fabric. Made 2 more quilts today, 5 total. That's all for this week! I need to get back to minis.... Keep up the good work!