Saturday, November 13, 2010

Back To Mini's

 I am showing my miserable attempt at trying to master the technique of making dolls out of polymer clay. These are pics of the 3 I have made. I like Josie the cook because her hair is covered and I think her face is the best of the three. They were not easy for me as you can see and I am in awe of people who have accomplished this very difficult task. They are true artisans.

Which you can see why the next step for me was to buy porcelain dolls and attempt to put them together, which isn't difficult to do, if I can do it anyone can that is for sure. I have been working on this doll for a while now.She was hairless for a time as I truly suck at hair. I took the dress pattern from Miniature Collector Mag and I am sorry to say I cant tell you which issue cause I cant find it now. I fell in love with this period dress. The doll is from . Elaine is a member of our club and she makes the most fabulous dolls in all sizes and facial expressions and they are exquisite. She also makes some neat whimsical figures. She gave me many helpful hints as how to put the doll together and also some tips on doing my dress. She also told me to paint the shoes with nail polish as it gives it a more natural appearance. I like how they came out; the camera didn't, so they arent here. The hair I did last night. I finally got up enough stamina to do it. Took me awhile as I knew it would, but she is done. I used a tutorial from Her tutorials are awesome!!! First I tried it with viscois which I made a mess of and is now residing in the waste basket. Then I tried some curly synthetic stuff I had laying around which is also residing in the same place. I finally settled on this straight stuff which took me hours to do,  but the result is livable. I have now decided I will buy the doll pieces and put them together myself, do my own clothes and buy wigs for my dolls. No stress there!!! I will practice on improving my polymer dolls cause clay is fun to play with, brings me back to my mud pie days,lol... I am too cheap to buy a kiln and too lazy to learn mastering the technique to make porcelain dolls and I suck at painting faces...  That's why there are wonderful people out there to buy from.  Meet Ora, Mistress of Charmington Place:

Just keep trying.  It eventually comes together in the end.

Till next time, Mini Blessings, L J


  1. Ora is beautiful. Her clothes are exquisite. I can imagine how tedious all of this is and I am in awe of your talent.

  2. Re the box of pastries on my blog: John's favorites are the cannolis and eclairs. He says this bakery has the very best cannolis he has ever had anywhere!!!
    I love the lemon bars. They must weigh a lb. a piece! ha ha

  3. I think your dolls came out beautiful. I haven't even had the nerve to try any, maybe someday!

  4. I like your dolls very much because I find that they have character! They are one of a kind and you will never see them anywhere else.