Friday, November 12, 2010

Flowers are a wonder thing!

 A Warm Welcome to my 2 newest followers and

Yesterday my hubby surprised me with these beautiful flowers because I have been feeling punk. Arnt they beautiful? It is times like these that I am reminded what a nice man I am married to and I do indeed take him for granted way too often.  The vase was a gift from my wonderful daughter in law years ago and has been the vessel of many flower arrangements over the years, some from my favorite flower beds. After I took the pic I noticed you can see the stain glass lamp over to the left on the glassed in porch. There is a story about this lamp I would like to share with you. It was a gift from my BFF Jeannie from A Romantic Country Home which she gave to us a few years ago. I cant begin to tell you how talented this woman is! She made this lamp with her own two hands. It is so special!!!  It used to hang over her dining room table and we spent many a night under its glow playing canasta. For some reason she took it down and I am glad she did, cause now IT IS MINE!!! I cannot begin to tell you the warmth that spread through me when she gave it to us. This picture reminded me how blessed I truly am.  The good news is my back is feeling much better, the advil seems to be doing its job. YAY...


  1. Your flowers are beautiful, what a nice thing to do, he is the best. Thank you so much for the compliments, you made my day!

  2. Lovely flowers from a very thoughtful husband! Glad you are feeling better and I love the lamp also.

  3. So good to know your feeling better. I love it when my hubs surprises me with flowers. No matter how bad the day, it just makes me smile. Hugs. tammy