Monday, November 8, 2010

No Mini's Today

I am still psyched so I just can’t talk about mini’s right now.  Last night we took our daughter in law to see Trans Siberian Orchestra (son got to tag along also, lol) for her birthday.  WOW…  WHAT A SHOW!!!  They put on the best Rock Opera Extravaganza I have ever been to see. The energy the whole group puts into this show is simply exceptional!!!     I cannot even begin to fathom their production costs, and yet every city they go to they take $1.00 from each ticket sale and donate it to a Charity in that area. The light show and pyrotechnics, the backdrop screens with scenes depicting the story are phenomenal!!! Let alone the music!!!  That’s just an added bonus.   First half of the concert is a Christmas inspirational story entitled Christmas Eve and other stories about an angel coming to earth to find one true meaning of Christmas (which you can hear or read the lyrics on their site) and perfect for this time of year when Christmas has turned into such a commercial proposition; it truly reminds us what Christmas is all about. The second half was geared to their album “Night Castle”.  Just incredible…. To take a peek at what we saw and heard you can check them out on their website  Don’t miss them If they come to a city near you. You truly won’t be disappointed.


  1. I'm so glad you had a good time and enjoyed the show!

  2. Wow! I viewed the link and that must have been an amazing experience. What a fantastic birthday gift for your daughter in law!