Monday, November 15, 2010

Off To Dedham

Yesterday I picked up Terri (I prayed all week my back would allow me to go and it did) and off we went to Jeannies (you all know who Jeannie is by now, lol). Jeannie took over and took us to the Dedham Mini Show. We had so much fun and spent mini bucks for mini things. Lots of neat finds here:

Now, to make a manger for the Nativity Scene. That should be interesting, lol, for all of us! Maybe I should sit down and partake of the Smirnoff's first.  Can you see it? It is pretty small sitting amongst the crock and the glasses on the table.  Get me in the mood to create, Huh? If any of you have any ideas how to make the Manger I would sure appreciate your comments.  I picked up some tools to "get er done". The kitchen needed some pots and pans for Josie to cook with, the others were getting a little scorched.  Above the stove there is a little crock pot I made from fimo and a snap. I like that; I thought it came out cool.  Terri had gone to a Doll Convention last week (her other love) while there she visited   With every purchase the store gives you a little house for your big house.  Cool huh? Well they gave her two so she brought one back for me. YAY... doesn't it look cool in my Toy Shop?  It is absolutely adorabe.  Isnt she just the best!!!
Till next time, mini blessings, L J.


  1. Oh how fun! I love them all.

  2. You did very well - lots of lovely things and I'm a fan of Smirnoff to - I like the way you think - lol

  3. I love everything that you got. It all fits so well. I love your stove in the kitchen. I'll need to find something like that for my kitchen. I made a stable about 35 or so yrs ago. I'll get it down from the attic and take a picture for you to see. It is simple and was easy to make. Love ya.

  4. I saw this blog on Blogs of Note and thought you might enjoy it: