Sunday, November 7, 2010

Oh Those Lights!!!

I finally hung those battery lights.  Told you I was a skeptic.  Even the light weight one keeps falling down.  They came with adhesive circles to hold them with and they dont hold.  I put mini hold on them and they wont hold.  Have to buy more I didnt have much.  Maybe more will do the trick.  I dont want to glue them in as it will be difficult to replace the batteries.  I do like the lights though.  By the way, thats Josie in the kitchen, she cooks for the Charmingtons and the tea room. She lives out back with her husband and daughter, that's a story for another time though.   She is the 3rd doll I have made out of polymer clay.   Mini Blessings.  Lady Jane


  1. I love the effect of the little lamp in the hall. I've had the same problem with ceiling lights on occasion and white tac seems to work for me and it's not permanent.