Saturday, November 27, 2010


First I want to express a warm greeting to my new friends: Carol from  CurlyWillowsRanch  Jenny from  jennyscraftplace  and Tammy from notjustpaperandglue  Check them out; they have great blogs!  Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower. I enjoy following your blogs.(for some reason I cant seem to link here in the blog, I dont know why, but I will figure it out. Please click on their picture and see their profile where you can get their address to go to.)  If anyone has any ideas why it doesnt work for me, please let me know. Thanks.

Here is what I was working on tonite. I picked up these little figures at a dollhouse show a couple of weeks ago. Christmas isnt Christmas without my Creche in my big house so of course my mini house has to have one also. The Holy Family needed a place to stay, I just couldnt leave them out in the cold.  So I took some coffee stirring sticks for the sides and 1/16th inch board I had laying around and eyeballed what I thought looked like the right size and whalla! Baby Jesus is out of the cold... If I had that Inn Keeper anywheres near me, he would be toast!!!   It is pretty crude but the original was probably crude also so I wasnt too particular with this project. There is a dime taped to the back wall to the right to show the scale.

 Till next time.  Mini Blessings. Lady Jane     


  1. They look lovely :) P.S:...please check my most recent post :( Hopefully I can give you some blogging help...or Happy crafting, Jenny

  2. That is just perfect. Such sweet, tiny figures.

  3. I love how it came out! It's so appropriate! Where will you place it? I think you need to put the complete address in the link box. When I clicked on the link, it didn't show the in the address. Try that, hope that's it! To edit, click on the little pencil at the bottom of the post and then you can change it.

  4. The 1842 house I have been blogging about had a Christmas dollhouse show two years ago. I located a link with some photos you might enjoy at
    if the link does not work, try googling Barrington Hall Christmas dollhouse show.

  5. I can't believe how small your manger scene is. It is really cute and you did a lovely job of building the shelter. :)