Wednesday, December 22, 2010


My Mini Club Christmas Party was Monday night and I couldnt go. I have had this horrible cold for a week and a half and it isnt going away anytime soon from the looks of it. This cough is just going to linger on til eternity it seems.  Anyhow, I didnt go cause it was an hours drive and I just wasnt up to it. I now have my gift I made and I will come up with something to do with it, lol...  Maybe I will put it in the tea room but the tea room is pretty full. Maybe I will make a room box out of it. Here is a pic of the gift that wasnt, lol....
Dont forget to click to make bigger!
The picture is from my printer shop and it is 3 pics made into one to form the backdrop. Unfortunately the flash is showing up in the picture. The cake and roses I made out of polymer clay and the chairs are champaign cages taken apart and glued together. The champaign glasses are from jewelry findings with glue gun bubbles for the champaign. Candles are painted gold and put into beads for the holders. 
Til next time. LJ (its getting close....)


  1. Sorry, you missed the party, I'm sure the others missed you! Anyway, your gift is so nice and now you have something for yourself to enjoy. This is very crafty, I love the background, the flash looks like the sun setting! I love the chairs, who knew, champagne covers. Good job on the whole thing. Love ya and get better!

  2. It's a lovely gift - someone missed out there! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas. Irene X

  3. Are you sure you didn't get a cold just so you could keep this sweet little setting for yourself ?

    Very creative!