Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Other Favorite House

I just buzzed on over from Cozy Abode to show you my other favorite mini house I have made.  I am so proud of this house!!! It went together lickety split...This house is a 1926 replica of a Sears and Roebuck house. The kit comes from Debbie Young from  She makes the best kits ever!!! This was my first attempt at 1/4 scale and I couldn't believe how well the pieces went together. I figured it would come out looking like the "house that Jack built" because of the configuration of the roof.  I will be getting another kit soon but haven't decided which one I want to do next. Check out her website above. They are fantastic.  When hubby and I lived in another state we would go by a house just like this one. We were always hoping it would go up for sale, but much to our dismay, it never did.  So now I have one and I just love it. I have a hard time to decorate the inside though. I think in one inch scale and for some reason my brain has a problem thinking in 1/4 inch, it just can't seem to scale down, lol.... I bought a little 1/4" scale ruler so that I can use it to fashion things when I get to it after the holidays. I hope this will help me. I have to make chairs first for Charmington Place.

  Here is my little house decked out for Christmas.

See the penny by the front steps to show the scale. I love this house!!!  Santa comes from my Christmas Village. He looks great here. The little snowman was from a mini friend in a Santa Swap. Notice if you can, that he is melting, lol.....

This is an old candle I had. I put some bunka on, some paper fasteners, and an angel pin at the top.
Here are more outside views of house.

I havent done much inside yet. I bought a few items so it wouldnt be empty and perhaps help me with scale. Eventually I hope to replace things as I make them.
 I made a hutch at NAME DAY 
This is an organization that our mini club belongs to. Check out their website, they have a wonderful magazine that is filled with club news and ideas that comes every two months, projects to do, and places to go to make neat things like my hutch above.
Below is the left and right attic on each side of the bedroom. It is so small you cant really put anything in there. Before it was built I was hoping a bath in one and a sewing room in the other but you would never see the things.
Check out the story behind these houses. You picked your house from their catalog,  it came by rail and you put the stick built house together with a diagram and instructions and hopefully you built it with someone who knew what they were doing.   How cool is that? I know 1 person in the next town that lives in  a Sears victorian.  3 stories high and it is absolutely beautiful. The other person is a friend of my son's who own a huge Sears barn. Both were built in the early 1900's.  Another piece of history that we just cannot replicate anymore because materials are so costly today. These places were BUILT to last!!!  I hope mine will last as long, lol...
Until next time happy decorating days ahead to you and Mini Blessings. LJ 


  1. It's a lovely little house and I like the way you've put the sleigh above the roof and you've made a lovely job of the hutch.

  2. Your house looks great. I love the sleigh and the tree. The snowman is so cute. The hutch looks great in there. Maybe you can get some kits to make some more furniture. That will be a challenge!

  3. Looks lovely! Must have taken ages...although the decorating is probably the most time Happy crafting, Jenny

  4. How long did it take you to make it? Great job!

    I have read about the Sears' houses, and there are some in this area, amazing really, the quality and durability.

  5. How darling these did an amazing job of building it. SO CUTE.
    Believe it or not...there are actually some real (new) homes that were built... just up North of us here in Texas..that looks exactly like these...they are in a little "village" type setting, and we considered buying one...but it was a distance from our daughters and grandkids we decided to buy another her neighborhood.

    Thank you so much for coming over and visiting my "cluttered mind" blog.