Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

The 1/4 scale house needs a tree.  It has a small table top tree.  The table comes from part of the stool that Snowball is laying on. I broke the piece apart cause it was way out of scale for a stool.  At least I think thats what is was.  What do you think?  It is hard to tell with 1/4 scale sometimes what it is!!!

I tried to get Snowball off but she is adhered way too good. I wanted to put her on a rug I want to make, but here is where she stays.

And of course "The Big Tree"!!! I tried to find holeless beads, but only can find them on the net, not in stores anymore. Maybe next year I will replace these.

I am still off to do Christmas Cookies, lol....
Just had to do this first!!!
Mini Blessings, LJ


  1. The tree is very pretty! I read on Jean's blog that you have a cold. Take care and feel better soon.

  2. Hey Mildred, I miss your wonderful photos, history, and your happy personality. I must have missed something cause I dont know why you shut your blog down. Hope everything is AOK and you and John have a Wonderful Christmas. I dont let my email out cause Gmail or yahoo want my cell phone # which I refuse to give. I get enough ads, lol... Waiting patiently til you come back on line. Check out Ragsy on Cozy, I think he and Harriet would hit it off royal, lol...

  3. I was just over at Mildred's and she's posting and her blog is up and fine. Try again, it must have been a glitch. Anyway, I hope your cold is going away and that you feel better. The tabletop tree is cute and I think the right size. The other tree is perfect, too. The beads look fine. I like the gold star and the gold around the bottom. So cute. I love snowball!

  4. It looks like your Snowball is way to attached to her stool to give it up, but she can enjoy looking at your new tree from her perch~it is so much fun to begin a new miniature project, isn't it?

    I posted some of my miniatures today, just because you asked!