Sunday, January 30, 2011

New 1/4 sofa & chair

I think these are more to scale but not as neat.  They are staying til I see a kit to make that I like.

Til next time.  L J

Thursday, January 27, 2011

1/4 scale love seat

Too darn small...  Oh well I had fun dubbin...  First I tried to make a sofa out of foam board and cover it with cloth, I used a no sew glue but it wouldn't hold so I need to work on that. So then I used clay and it didnt come out too bad except that they are too small.  Looked ok out of the house but I think it looks too small near to the hutch. Hubby said he thought it was fine if you judged it by the windows.   Practice makes perfect so the next ones should be better, right!!! I will use my 1/4 scale ruler I have so I know it will be better. Oh how hubby made me laugh, he said the fidge looks like a blow up and he is so right... But its staying inspite of it.... I will smile everytime I see it, lol...   When we were first married we had a fridge just like this, it had to be defrosted, yes, by hand, every two weeks.   !@#$% I really didnt like that job!!! I need to get more colors also so I can mix them together to tone things down. These pillows are way too yellow... I want something in here so they will do for now. I much rather do 1" decorating, lol...  Maybe I will try some 1/4 scale kits for the furniture. 

Til next time, L J

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Incredible Basements

Someone sent this to me in an email...  Although this is not a mini hobby but a full scale hobby I found it really interesting and thought you all might enjoy it also.  It was on HGTV and if you are a regular viewer than you may have seen it . I hadnt and I just loved it.>

Hope you enjoyed.

Til next time.  L J

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

John F. Craig House Kit

It has come and I thought you would like to see it laid out.  Here are all the components to the John F. Craig House.  Also you can go to the real John F. Craig house, a Bed and Breakfast in Cape May, NJ. and check it out  You may even want to go stay there.

 I wonder when this will get done, lol....

Friday, January 14, 2011

1/4" SCALE

Remember that hutch I made at NAME DAY a while back. Well, it had to be filled with something and I am here to tell you to fill 1/4" scale IS NOT EASY!!!  I dont mind putting the houses together and the hutch was not hard but to make the teeny tiny stuff to fill it, well let's just say if I continue to do 1/4" I need to get better.
I dont know how these people get their stuff to look so nice, I was tearing my hair out doing this, lol...
Anyway inside the house it doesnt look too bad.

  I couldnt get the top off the super glue so I need to get some and fix my glasses because you can see the dob of glue at the bottom, we dont want visitors to think people put their glasses back with milk in them, Jeez, we do do dishes in this house.
Til next time, mini hugs and blessings, L J

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

John Craig House

I just ordered the John Craig house from Debbie Young at Young at Heart.  I just cant wait to get it. This is quarter scale.  The same size as my Sears Roebuck House.

This will be a real challenge to put together,  but should be a lot of fun...
Also I am going to make a greenhouse to go beside my brownstone. That will take a while to do and will get tedious to work on those little flowers and plants so it will be fun to go back and forth between the two projects.
I have done stain glass work so I am going to pattern my greenhouse after the real Lady Jane of Mini Fame.  Check out her fantastic workmanship.   This is the greenhouse I want to kind of pattern mine after. It will be somewhat different as I want to be able to remove the glass part so I can get at the gardens.

I think the back wall will be up against the house with a fake door going into the house. The other side will be the stone but more like a cathedral like front.  It will have french doors.  No wires as I want to be able to lift the glass up.  This will be an undertaking.... Wish me luck.  It is nice to finally have my miniature goals fixed.

Friday, January 7, 2011

A Charming Bedroom for the Charmington's

Hi All, today I thought I would show you the Charmington Bedroom. I love the wallpaper in this room. I bought it on sale at E&T at one of their sale days.  And I also like the ceiling molding in this room.  Don't forget to click!!!
Here is a closeup of the bedspread I made with my embroidery sewing machine. It is so neat. What would take hours to embroider by hand takes minutes by machine.  Cactus Punch makes these tiny embroidery flowers in their Little Bits Collection package that I used in this bedspread for the mini bedroom. You can design it out on your software in your computer and then transfer it to a card or usb stick to put into your sewing machine and wallah it stitches it out for you. Too Cool!!! It's like magic!!!

Same with the rug I made, stitch it out after designing in the Husqvarna software. This software is kind of expensive so I don't have all the versions of it,  just the beginners package.  I am limited to what I can do,  but I am happy with that right now, although someday I would like to get more of it.  I am researching a less expensive software and if I can find a place to go see it demonstrated I will fill you in on it if you are interested in getting any. A true miniaturist would stitch these out by hand but what the hey,  I have the machine so I take advantage of the technology 

  We must have matching accessories one knows... Like bureau scarfs (I used stitches already in the machine for these) and chair cushions...
The pictures and the Bible cover come from It is a great website. I made some of the frames from copper tape I had laying around from my stain glass hobby.

And then there is the armour of which I am not happy with as yet. It will be revised at a later date

And there you have Francis and Ora Charmington's charming bedroom.
Til next time. XOXO L J

Sunday, January 2, 2011


I just dont know what to do for my next project!!!  I was going to make a village as my friend has one and I just love hers but nothing really is making itself clear to me as yet.  I really like the wizard and witches stuff out there so maybe a mystical village???  hmmmmmmmm  that sounds to my liking.  I really need to think on it somemore and I am still cleaning the upstairs before I can get to clean my workshop so it is food for thought...