Thursday, January 27, 2011

1/4 scale love seat

Too darn small...  Oh well I had fun dubbin...  First I tried to make a sofa out of foam board and cover it with cloth, I used a no sew glue but it wouldn't hold so I need to work on that. So then I used clay and it didnt come out too bad except that they are too small.  Looked ok out of the house but I think it looks too small near to the hutch. Hubby said he thought it was fine if you judged it by the windows.   Practice makes perfect so the next ones should be better, right!!! I will use my 1/4 scale ruler I have so I know it will be better. Oh how hubby made me laugh, he said the fidge looks like a blow up and he is so right... But its staying inspite of it.... I will smile everytime I see it, lol...   When we were first married we had a fridge just like this, it had to be defrosted, yes, by hand, every two weeks.   !@#$% I really didnt like that job!!! I need to get more colors also so I can mix them together to tone things down. These pillows are way too yellow... I want something in here so they will do for now. I much rather do 1" decorating, lol...  Maybe I will try some 1/4 scale kits for the furniture. 

Til next time, L J


  1. Maybe I'll try clay. They are very nice, but I agree a tad small. 1/4 inch is very challenging!

  2. Yes, really cute, but a little small. Did you bake them yet? Maybe you could redo them. The kitchen is coming along nicely!