Friday, January 14, 2011

1/4" SCALE

Remember that hutch I made at NAME DAY a while back. Well, it had to be filled with something and I am here to tell you to fill 1/4" scale IS NOT EASY!!!  I dont mind putting the houses together and the hutch was not hard but to make the teeny tiny stuff to fill it, well let's just say if I continue to do 1/4" I need to get better.
I dont know how these people get their stuff to look so nice, I was tearing my hair out doing this, lol...
Anyway inside the house it doesnt look too bad.

  I couldnt get the top off the super glue so I need to get some and fix my glasses because you can see the dob of glue at the bottom, we dont want visitors to think people put their glasses back with milk in them, Jeez, we do do dishes in this house.
Til next time, mini hugs and blessings, L J


  1. I remember just how difficult it is to work with such teeny objects. Hope you have a nice weekend.

  2. Your teeny tiny home is coming together, and very well to. It really is hard to perfect these tiny items, even a stray human hair or piece of lint can throw things off. Your little room seems perfect.

  3. Your hutch looks amazing. I didn't know it was 1/4 scale. It looks perfect and your accessories look great in it! Maybe get some of the kits to make some stuff....

  4. Is very difficult work in these small scale ...Your littles minis are perfects! Kind regards