Friday, January 7, 2011

A Charming Bedroom for the Charmington's

Hi All, today I thought I would show you the Charmington Bedroom. I love the wallpaper in this room. I bought it on sale at E&T at one of their sale days.  And I also like the ceiling molding in this room.  Don't forget to click!!!
Here is a closeup of the bedspread I made with my embroidery sewing machine. It is so neat. What would take hours to embroider by hand takes minutes by machine.  Cactus Punch makes these tiny embroidery flowers in their Little Bits Collection package that I used in this bedspread for the mini bedroom. You can design it out on your software in your computer and then transfer it to a card or usb stick to put into your sewing machine and wallah it stitches it out for you. Too Cool!!! It's like magic!!!

Same with the rug I made, stitch it out after designing in the Husqvarna software. This software is kind of expensive so I don't have all the versions of it,  just the beginners package.  I am limited to what I can do,  but I am happy with that right now, although someday I would like to get more of it.  I am researching a less expensive software and if I can find a place to go see it demonstrated I will fill you in on it if you are interested in getting any. A true miniaturist would stitch these out by hand but what the hey,  I have the machine so I take advantage of the technology 

  We must have matching accessories one knows... Like bureau scarfs (I used stitches already in the machine for these) and chair cushions...
The pictures and the Bible cover come from It is a great website. I made some of the frames from copper tape I had laying around from my stain glass hobby.

And then there is the armour of which I am not happy with as yet. It will be revised at a later date

And there you have Francis and Ora Charmington's charming bedroom.
Til next time. XOXO L J


  1. How very pretty. Love the details of the spread.

  2. It's a lovely room and all the little embroidered details make it very personal.

  3. Gorgeous.... how I would love the full-size version of the furniture etc. in this room!! :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  4. It's so pretty and I love the wallpaper, too! Everything is so coordinated and it all goes together so well. It certainly is charming!

  5. Oh this is such a pretty bedroom!! Love it! Love the embroidered items!!