Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Inkle Loom

At last nights mini meet we had a demonstration of an Inkle Loom.  Inkle Loom   SL-380
These are really neat.  Hers was a little different but the concept is the same.  This would be great for making rugs, stair runners, perhaps tapes for shaker chairs, etc.  Lots of possibilities.  It wasnt as easy as she made it look, but with practice I am sure I could master it.  I will have to think about one of these.  Hubby is pretty resourceful, I wonder if he could make me one.

Also I got a plant for one of our members from the club as she is recuperating from surgery and I absolutely love it.  She is an avid gardener and she can plant this the end of May.
They didnt have anymore of these but I am hoping I can order one for my garden.  It is a Pussy Willow that grows like an umbrella, isnt that cool...  It can get to 5 feet tall.  I just dont know where I will put  It is that time to start thinking about digging in the dirt, YAY...

Til next time,  L J 

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  1. The loom is neat, I'm sure your Hubby could make one for you. It could be a nice project for him. Maybe you can find some instructions to make it on the internet. The pussy willow is neat. I saw where someone used the little pussies to make little mice with. (Somewhere her in mini blogland). They were really cute.