Monday, May 2, 2011

English Rose China

Fun Day is a great name for this NAME event.  There were several tables in one large room doing various projects. A couple of separate rooms doing bigger projects.   Check out the NAME site at .   There is great info on various miniature subjects and if you are a member you can go into the NAME house and then into the kitchen to view the projects that were offered  that day. This event was hosted by the "Friends Thru Miniatures" NAME club out of Worcester, MA.

To start the day you sign in and get a little miniature keepsake. You then have a continental breakfast and you can view pieces for the silent auction. You have an exhibit room where you can vote on your favorite pieces.  They have door prizes and also lunch.  Wonderful Fun Day...

This is a pic of what I made:

Click to make larger.

At the top of the pic is the keepsake that we all received.  It came in a plastic champagne glass with tulle and a ribbon around it. I took it out of the glass to take the picture.  It is going into my Tea Room for now for that Special Occasion that the Tea Room sometimes hosts.

Till next time.  Blessings L J



  1. How very adorable! Sounds like great fun.

  2. It sure was fun! I love how your dishes & such came out!

  3. Hello, Lady Jane! I have been MEANING to visit you for so long! I saw that you visited me and welcomed me back to blogging when I came back to after I was gone a few weeks while I got my new laptop, and I hadn't been over here... But I saw your new comment on my recent post, and it just goes to show you: YOU are a wonderful person. Even though I hadn't gotten here, YOU came over to visit AGAIN and left a comment. That shows me what a woman of substance and wonderful, giving convictions that you are. How lovely to see that! Anyway, now for YOUR post: your miniature items are priceless. I really one day would love to have a little dollhouse and I am so jealous (in a GOOD way!) of your beautiful miniature things. Take care and I will be back to visit soon -- I promise! Thanks for being such a great, generous blogging friend. I really mean. God bless you.

  4. Addition to my message above, which was left out: I really mean IT. (I don't know what happened to the "it" at the end of my sentence above! LOL!
    P.S. I usually don't like music on a blog, usually HATE it, to be honest; but, with YOUR music, I LOVE IT! It's Irish music :)
    Did you ever listen to "Celic Thunder?" Listen to them on You Tube, or email me and I will send you the link.