Monday, June 6, 2011

The Sturbridge Mini Show

Wow.  What a great time.  I drove down to Jeannie girls house on sat am and we had the best time.  She took me to a railroad store to check out stuff for our mini hobby as she has no dollhouse stores near her.  We then went to Russells, a nursery with tons of plants and the best gift shop in NE I think.  They have all kinds of gadgets and doodads for gardening and all kinds of other things, including a clothing dept.  A really fun place to visit.   Sat. nite her Don made a wonderful creole shrimp boil dinner.  Jeans kids came for supper and I hadnt seen all of them together for years.  Brought back so many happy memories.  Sunday we left early and went to the dollhouse show in Sturbridge.  Whoa....  So many dealers in one place.  The best show I have been to.  Here are some of the things I got.
This will go into my 1/4 scale Craig house when I get it done.

Look at this cute cane/umbrella stand. Dont forget to click to make bigger.  All the canes were in the stand.  I got it for a steal, lol...

This wasnt quite such a buy, but doesn't it look great on my 1/4"  Sears house porch!

We also stopped in at Michaels and I found this great sectioned purse for mini meeting gadgets.  So hard to find things in my tool box so am hoping this will be better for finding things.

Other sundry items

Stickers for minis and greeting cards

Lazy susans to turn my houses around on.

Had a blast.  Thanks Jeannie girl and Don for a wonderful visit....

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  1. I had a blast, too. That was so much fun! It is so fascinating to see so many things in miniature. I can't wait for the next show and I'm already looking forward to it! Thanks for joining me, my dear friend!