Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pics of Mini's and a New Mini Project.

Hi All, yes I know it has been a while since posting to my mini spot.  Too many things going on right now. But here are some neat pics of what is happening at the Dollhouse Club.

Take a look at the ponds we did:  Don't forget to click to make larger!!!

Aren't they cool...  Same concept, but all a bit different. 

Next we have the NAME Workshop we did with a  shed/store front kit. Talk about different!!!  Same kit but look what was done with them...  All the accessories are our own.

Cool Western Theme

I love this store front...

Patriot Look

That's what I love about mini's we can make it our own!!!

There will be more of these to show in the future.

Last night we worked on making rugs.  We took some open weave interlock needlepoint canvas,  cut to 3 1/4" X  2".  (this is a twisted thread single weave which is a bit more rigid than most)    13 holes to an inch is what we used. I know there is a size this is called, but not sure what it is, you should be able to find it at your local embroidery/yarn shop or go on line.  A very small embroidery needle and DMC embroidery thread, I elected to use 4 colors but you can use 5.  Have a sharp pair of small scissors available.

Take a piece of DMC and measure it so it hangs off the sides of the canvas. About 6 inches. 

Then measure it end over end 6 times -  it should measure about 36".  Remember this is for this size canvas, but you can do the same for any size canvas.  Of course the length will vary.

Then you use one strand of this 6 strand thread and thread your needle

You will go down the first hole and up the second hole, skip a hole, and down the next and up the next all the way across to establish your pattern.  You will do this 6 times in one row.

When done you will trim around your canvas to get rid of the little nubbies sticking out.  You trim close to the edge being careful not to cut into the long end holding your stitches in place.

This is what I have done so far

I should have it done by my next post so you can see the finished product.

Love to all and Happy Mini-ing. LJ



  1. Muchas gracias por el tutorial,te ha quedado preciosa!!!!

  2. Oh how adorable!!!! Love the little garden scene. Terrific blog!