Friday, September 23, 2011

SD Card is Back!!!

Here are a couple of things I picked up the other day at a yard sale.

I love this little crocheted hat.  I am going to starch it so it is stiffer and hang it on the post of the bed in my brownstone house.  My friends mom crocheted this years ago.

This is something I also bought from my friend.  I think I will put this outside my house with flowers in it as it is a wee bit big for 1" scale.

I finally found the chairs I have been looking for.  I have to sand these down and paint white as the DR table in my house is white.  These chairs were hand crafted by a gentleman who is indeed a craftman.  No motorized tools were used on these chairs and look how perfect they are.
And if you look real close you will see the cool tub that will someday go into my house of illrepute.  Isnt that a hoot!!!  I love the radio also.  Too big for my Sears house but I will find a place, lol...

Till next time, hugs from LJ


  1. How adorable! Hard for me to choose a favorite. Thanks for sharing the pictures - hope you have a wonderful weekend. Mildred

  2. Love love the chairs and tub. Some really nice finds. Luv

  3. Glad you got your SD card working. The little hat is so cute. The carriage will be perfect with flowers in it. And, of course I saw the other things already and love those as well. It's all so cute!