Thursday, September 1, 2011

What does a fire hydrant and cute resin dolls have in common?

I got them all in Wells...  I bought these cute little dolls when on vaca at a gift store on the dollar table. Yes, only a buck each...  I will have to come up with a theme for a miniature to build around them cause they are 6" high and maybe a tad too tall for scale but they are too cute to not use them in something.  Any Ideas???

 Because I had 2 of the same one, the one with the letter in her hand, I gave one to Jeanne Girl when she visited.  I knew she was bringing me the hydrant cause she asked what color I wanted.
Isn't it so cute!!! 

In one of my previous posts I showed you the mermaid sign I made and when I get done with my Art Studio I am making for my granddaughter I will make an antique shop and I wanted the hydrant blue to match the mermaid.  As it will sit outside my shop....

Till next time, Be Happy, LJ


  1. The resin dolls are very cute! I especially love the middle one. The fire hydrant is great too. I know you will come up with something very creative. Keep us posted!

  2. Son unas damas hermosas! No importa que no sean "exactamente" a escala... son miniaturas y Lucirán espléndidas en cualquier cosa que hagas!
    Un abrazo

  3. Thank you for your visit and for your comment on my blog. You are welcome. Compliments for your beautiful dolls.

  4. They are sooo cute and dainty! I mentioned you on my blog today. Stop by to view. Luv