Friday, February 18, 2011

More Bears

We have a mini meet coming up on the 21st and we are making more bears to be put on a Childrens Table at an upcoming Show. Someone wrote to me asking about a web site I passed around to them about the bears.  They liked the idea of mixing polymer clay with the pipe cleaners.  If you can find this pipe cleaner or maybe even if you cant,  you can adapt the regular ones.

It is a little different take on the bears and a fab web site for more other than bears, I hope you all enjoy...  Til next time,  L J

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pipe Cleaner Teddy

Hi all, sorry it has been a while since I have posted but I really havent done too much with my minis lately.  But we had a mini meet last nite and I am happy to report progress...  First off I went to Michaels on my way to the meeting and bought a clay extruder with a crank...  Trying to force clay thru the cheapo one I have just doesnt work.  I am so hoping this one will get the clay thru.  It cost me $15.00 with my 40% off coupon.  I will let you know when I use it so you wont go spending money for nothing.  I will be the guina pig, lol...

Now for the FUN part of the evening.  Barb brought in a little Teddy Bear which was made out of a pipe cleaner.  He was so cute.  We brought along our own pipe cleaners and tools to try to figure this little guy out.  While we were learning about hinges and how to make them which I will post another time after I fiddle.  But they are really tiny and I dont know if I have the patience to pull it off.    Anyway, while we were doing that Terri was fiddling with the bear and this is her version.  YAY, too cute...  Here is the one I made last nite.

Take your pipe cleaner and bend in half

Then bend the top down for the face

You want to bend the tip up just a tad to similate a nose

Now think how much you want to leave to bend for the ears and cut the rest off.  If you leave a little longer he looks like a koala bear.

here are his ears bent

Now estimate how long to cut his arms and legs and place between the front and back of the cleaners

Bend up the tips for hands and feet.  Add your ribbon which holds everything together and your tiny seed beads for the eyes and nose.

AND THERE YOU HAVE REALLY ADORABLE TEDDYS.  I will be putting a basket of bears into my toy shop.
I know you will enjoy making these.

Til next time.  L J