Sunday, March 27, 2011


Uncle Sam

I made an Uncle Sam and fireworks. I am afraid it may be too much.  What do you think, should I leave him in or take him out? 

There is supposed to be a small flag in his hand and I will have to go to the party store to see if I can find some.

Hugs and Blessings, L J

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Last Saturday 3 of us headed to Worcester to what NAME calls their Workday.  For $25.00 you get a kit, a continental breakfast and lunch.  It was well worth it as a couple of the ladies made lasagne and spanakopia.  YUMMY!!! fresh bread, salads and desserts to boot.  All homemade fare with coffee or tea.  I was so hoping to get picked to go.  As not too many people were interested in going it was YAY I can go, I can go...  It was a bit tiring as I had to get up at 4am but it was worth it.  If you follow my other blog you know I love to garden and I wanted to make the roombox as a shed not a storefront.   Two of us go and bring back the knowledge to show the club how to make them when they come in this summer. This is a fun kit to make, I love it.  There are so many different ways that it can be done.  Some are going to have storefronts with all kinds of stores in mind.  There was quite a crowd and I got to meet a few people from other clubs and a couple that I recognized from the hutch fun day last year.  And guess what?  Mine is done!!!   Tralla!!!  Drum Roll Please.....
Remember to click to make pics bigger...

I changed the foundation and put in stones I had left from my house and I was not fond of the paper clay for stone. I will work with it again as I can see many uses for it, but not for stones.  The left side of the shed was painted same as the shed and I thought it rather blah so I took a pic from my print shop and put it in to look like the shed is in the woods.  I think it works...
I made the bench and BFF Jeannie Girl made the bird bath a while back for my upcoming greenhouse/conservatory.  I made the bird eons ago.  It fits well here so here it will stay awhile.
I also made the macrame hanger and the flowers come from the Bridle dept at Michaels.

I filled the window with junk I had laying around. You cant really see the cell phone on the 2nd shelf down that Francis left there.  I hope no important calls come in....

I wonder when he will put the cardinal in the yard???

Oh My! and he forgot to put the pitch fork into the shed...TSK TSK...

Jeez the bird house needs to go out also...

At least he went out and swept up a bit...

Well it is time to follow the crushed sea shell path to the house for supper....
Til next time, L J
Praying for Peace and the Good Folks of Japan

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dedham Show

Today was the Spring Dedham show.  There will be another in the Fall.  Thank the Lord there are only the two because I couldnt afford more.  This trip I met Terri and she drove and we met Jean, Barbara and Vicki there.  I cant tell you the goodies bought between all of us, lol... Then we all went and had lunch which is always fun.  Here are my goodies:  (Dont forget to click to make bigger).
I fell in love with this 1/4" scale bedroom set.  It is here only temporarily as it will go into one of the bedrooms in the John Craig house when I build it.
I just love the flowers on here. Now this is 1/4 scale remember. It is very small.

The camera really shows the detail on the bedding. It is kind of hard to see with the naked eye because the flowers blend in with the background color.
This is for my conservatory project which I havent even started yet, I really need to get focused.

Jeannie Girl gave me this kit to make a bookcase for another project I am going to make.  Yay Jeannie Thanks BFF...

And these things will go on the bookcase. Look at the little jar of Gesso Jeannie also gave me, isnt it too cute.

Well, that's it.  I just want to go back and get more...
Til next time.... L J

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Inkle Loom

At last nights mini meet we had a demonstration of an Inkle Loom.  Inkle Loom   SL-380
These are really neat.  Hers was a little different but the concept is the same.  This would be great for making rugs, stair runners, perhaps tapes for shaker chairs, etc.  Lots of possibilities.  It wasnt as easy as she made it look, but with practice I am sure I could master it.  I will have to think about one of these.  Hubby is pretty resourceful, I wonder if he could make me one.

Also I got a plant for one of our members from the club as she is recuperating from surgery and I absolutely love it.  She is an avid gardener and she can plant this the end of May.
They didnt have anymore of these but I am hoping I can order one for my garden.  It is a Pussy Willow that grows like an umbrella, isnt that cool...  It can get to 5 feet tall.  I just dont know where I will put  It is that time to start thinking about digging in the dirt, YAY...

Til next time,  L J 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Late 1950's DollHouse

Hi, Sorry I havent been here for a while but I havent really been doing much with my mini's.  If you been following me on Cozy you know I have been doing some reading instead of much else. Anyway, a while back one of my dollhouse club buddies brought this house to a meeting and I bought it because it reminded me of one I had as a kid.  There is no stamp or anything referring to the maker of this house on the house.  I could find similar houses on the internet but not this particular house.   Mine was two story and had a balcony.  Oh well,  just as in real life I  downsized and now am in a Ranch, lol...  A few weeks later at a Group Antique Shop I came upon some furniture so I just couldnt resist and outfitted the house with what I found there,  and then again, I am unsure who made them.  Anyway there is not a lot to tell about the house except that it is in fairly good shape, only little spots of rust as these are made out of metal and stamped and they come with little tabs that fit together and most are still there and in good shape.  It is missing the cupola but has the chimney and best of all it brings on a nostalgic feeling when I look at it and yes, play with it.  These were the houses of the 50's that all my girlfriends had also.  So if you are ready we shall tour the house...  Please be careful you dont fall into the pond, I have so many problems with people falling into that pond...  It must be cocktail time...

Please click if you like to see any of the pics bigger...

Hope you enjoyed the tour. Til next time, L J