Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mini Meet Christmas Pary

We had our annual Christmas Party last night and as usual it was a blast...  I just have to show you what I got in the Santa Swap.   Too cool....  I just love this woman's work and I couldn't wait to get home and put it on my Ora's vanity. Focus on the lavender bottles on the tray. (don't forget to click to see bigger).  I cant believe the little lipstick with the jewel cap...  Creativity at its finest.

 The hat boxes are done up so very nicely also....

This is the gift I made.  I actually did this for last years party but didnt go cause we had gotten snow and I stayed home.  Actually the table and chairs would have been enough but it needed a background so I found the background in my Print Shop which wont go on this puter and I miss it so perhaps Santa will bring me a new one this year, lol....  Mizzy loved her gift, I am so glad!!!

Till next time. Hugs! LJ

PS...  Did you know when clicking and looking at the photos if you hit the shift key, control key and the + key at the same time you can increase the size of the photos many times their actual size!!! 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Decked Out For Christmas

My pics are a little bit to be desired but here they are.

The Charmingtons are readying for Christmas!

Even the hallway is decked out.

Frank is counting out the days receipts in the toystore.

Even the fire hydrant has a wreath...

From Our House To Yours

Merry Christmas To All!!


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mini World Spans Many Countries

This is simply incredible!!!  I would love to go see this.
  You will have to go down and turn off Playlist to enjoy the narration.
Till next time.   LJ