Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 A New Project

I hope you all had grand memories to add to your Holiday scrapebooks.  I am off and running with projects...  Oh my I hope I am not going to stress myself out here, lol...  My granddaughter graduates from art school this May. She promised me she wouldnt be checking this out as she wants to be surprised. She does know it has to do with art as she saw the sink  I had laying out and she said  HMMM... "What is this for?"...    She plans on teaching art at either elementary or high school level.  She does plan on going for her Masters of which she is applying now to various schools so she will have a lot more options open to her.  Hopefully I am giving myself plenty of time to work on this project.  I have two going right now, lol....  I am sewing her a cape over at the cozy site and over here I am making her a Artist cottage.  Here is the kit I will be bashing to make into her own Artist domain.

This kit is from Greenleaf and is called Sugarplum house...
The back of Sugarplum House.

This young lady is called Carly and comes from Hobby Builders Supply.  If I dont get a chance to make a doll for the cottage standing in front of an easel this young lady will be sitting on the bed to add a little pizzazz to the scene.


I am thinking perhaps a skylight window with the artist studio on the 2nd floor.  Also maybe a spiral staircase to the upper level.  Now then!  Do I create living space below or do I make a shop where she can sell supplies and perhaps have an area where she can teach.  Or should this be living quarters,  Oh decisions, decisions....

Anyway, please follow along this journey with me and we will see what comes about together!!!

Wishing us all a grand 2012!!!



  1. Oh how fun! What a wonderful way to surprise your granddaughter!
    Happy New Year to you, and may this coming year bring you much joy!

  2. It will be exciting to follow your project!
    Happy new year!

  3. Hello Lady Jane, you know how I love this name!lol. Thank you for your lovely comments...they were appreciated!
    This project seemingly will be loads of fun and I'm going to follow along to see the progress. Hope your 2012 brings happiness and joy!
    All The Best,

  4. This looks like fun, lots of fun!

  5. What a great way to start the year - with a new project. Looking forward to following this.

    Happy New Year!

  6. So exciting...a new project for 2012! Can't wait to see all the details. Love ya!

  7. I love this kit! I want to do one more project, a bakery, and this would be so cute.
    Thanks for sharing this info!