Thursday, January 5, 2012

No Work Done As Yet!!!

GrandD's art studio is on hold til I get the cape finished.  I find I am reading books more than I should be sitting on my keister...  But,  you know when it gets so dang cold out there I tend to hibernate like a bear.... And when I hibernate I like to cozy up in my recliner with my blankie and a good book!!!  Notice I said book...  Not a kindle, lol...  I like books. I like to turn those darn pages....  Kindles are not cozy...  But for you electronically buzzed people out there   "go for it"....  To each his own....  Let's see if I can explain.  It is like setting the table with candle light.  Would you use electric candles to set that mood, I dont think so....  The other reason is that Badger has taken up residence on my craft table.  He used to sleep on my hubbies workbench but lately he is always on the craft table.  Of course I set up a blanket for him when I saw he was sleeping on the grooming pad I use for Ragsy.  Ah Winter....  I need to start walking with my neighbor again to get off this holiday weight gain and get my keister in gear....

Ahhhh, but who can move such a cutie.  Doesnt he look comfortable....

Till next time, Hugs....  LJ


  1. He looks quite cozy...LJ adopt my philosphy...'Oh well, there's aways tomorrow!'
    It seems to work out well, especially on those cold days when the blankie is needed! lol
    Hugs, Loretta

  2. Yes, the kitty knows how to enjoy the winter!