Sunday, February 19, 2012


I have punched out the Sugar Plum House kit from Greenleaf.  I now know why the house was an inexpensive kit.  The wood is not very good and you have to be extremely careful when punching out the pieces so it doesn't splinter. I used a utility knife to help it along.  It is very light weight. Stuccoing will solve this I believe...

Here are a few pics:

Wood splinters easily and will need sanding and hopefully I won't sand it too much cause I will go right thru the piece to the veneer on the other side you see below.

I took a pencil and label'd each piece according to the diagram cause I don't know how hard this will be to put together. And you know if you leave anything for a while  - you go back and scratch your head and say "where the heck was I"...  Now I have a tendancy to do this very thing... I left the outside house pieces in their original places.

I put the smaller pieces in individual bags and labeled them according to construction on diagram. Furniture, roof, fireplace and settle. These are all labeled.

Till next time, LJ


  1. Siento que hayas tenido rpoblemas, seguro que le encuentras solucion y al final queda fantastica.
    Estoy deseando ver los avances.
    besitos ascension

  2. Thanks Jane for your sweet comment on my blog. WOW....this looks way past me! I will look forward to seeing your progress. Tell me again where you live, I have forgotten.
    I like the St Pat's decor on your blog.

  3. This will add to your experience in building. You'll do just fine and once you do this one, you'll want to do more. They give you the diagram of the sheets so that will help you with the pieces. I think you'll like it once it starts going together. Have fun! Let me know if you have any questions!

  4. What an adorable house! I love that little window box. And thank you for visiting me! I have not been blogging much lately... neither visiting blogs, nor doing a new post myself! So I appreciate your visit, dear LJ.

  5. I use pre mixed concrete that you use for patching to make the houses stronger. I use plaster inside but sometimes it cracks(good for me because I love that look!) This will be a great project!