Thursday, February 16, 2012

Still Making Roses

Remember the Florist Box Of Roses.  These little suckers are not for the faint of heart...  I keep practising and practising...   If you go onto Utube you can find tons of tutes for mini roses and they are all good. A lot better than I can explain it, lol.... This is basically how I did it. I took clay and rolled it out and took a 1/4 inch circle and cut them all out.

Cut out about 1/4 inch circles

Flatten so not so thick

Add circles on each side of a piece of wire with a tiny bit of clay on the tip

Keep adding circles all around till you get the look you like. Curl them under as you go. I use a small knitting needle to do this with.

Now take a ball of green and do the same thing. Cut out a bunch of 1/4 circles.  flatten cut into a triangle and shape into a leaf.

Eventually you end up with this

Good luck I am still making more as I want them to improve and look more like roses should.

Till next time. LJ


  1. Practice makes perfect, - that is probably something we say worldwide ;)
    Your roses are looking good.

  2. Great looking roses! Thank you for your tutorial.

  3. Thank you for the great tutorial. Your roses are beautiful.
    Hugs Maria

  4. You are doing such a lovely job...they are soooo pretty! Thanks for the share...Have a great evening! Hugs

  5. Do they have to all look the same? Very cute :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  6. I wish I would have that kind of patience! looking good!

  7. They are beautiful! I need to try this! I really like the look!