Friday, March 9, 2012

Inkle Loom

This is built a little different from the typical Inkle Looms.  It was made special for smaller work for mini's.  You can do your weaving anywhere.  The loom can be placed between your knees to weave your time away.

After you have warped your loom you either press down or up to do your weaving

I am not crazy over this pattern and I used crochet thread for the first time so I could see what I was doing.  But I am going to undo this and use finer thread and a wider pattern to get a different design.  Hopefully I can get this mastered because I would like to use this for tapes for chairs, rugs, curtain tie backs for my minis.

The floor is done.

Till next time. LJ


  1. The loom is neat...but it looks pretty complicated to me. Can't wait to see it! Floor looks great! Love it!

  2. Hi, LJ! Thanks so much for visiting. As I said in my post, I have been a 'bad' blogger and haven't been blogging much. You are a good buddy for visiting. (I wanted to reply via email, but you have the "no reply comment" so I had to come here. Which is good because I am seeing your gorgeous checkerboard floor! You are such an expert with these minis and dollhouses, you are gifted. I truly believe that of all of you girls who do this fine work on the minis. Well, I hope you have a great weekend, dear LJ! xxxoo
    P.S. And don't forget to turn your clock ahead! ;)