Saturday, April 21, 2012

Back To Minis

Wow it is good to be back!!!  I have some pics of the exchange to share.  Remember I made up Joy Of Cooking cookbooks and the rooster towel to send to the NAME Exchange.   This was so much fun to do and if you are a member of NAME and get their Gazette do the next one, you will have a blast...   It was like Christmas!!!  This is what I got back:

I have a use for it all, lol....

Latest pics of Sams Art Studio

This is coming along very slowly because of the puter probs and life in general...

Jeannie Girl gave me the flags to hang from the chimney. I just put it here to see how it will look and it is definitely going in cause it is soooooo cute....

She also gave me some other things she has made when we stopped to visit her and Don.  So good to see you guys!!!

Well I am off to see if I can somehow find out if I can download my backup from an older version of Norton cause I had to put a newer version on the new puter.  Always something, lol...  Hugs to you all and I will be around soon to visit.  LJ


  1. Wow you got a lot of fantastic gifts congratulations. The bunting looks beautiful in your wonderful cottage.
    Hugs Maria

  2. Congratulations on all the wonderful gifts. Your house looks wonderful.

  3. Oh, LJ, I love how you did the stone foundation and around the door. It's so cute. It's coming along beautifully! Can't wait to see it done...

  4. I love the arched door and stonework! What a host of great pieces from the exchange.

  5. Wow, you did very well with the exchange - lots to play with there!

  6. I remember when you were doing your little books for the exchange, and you certainly came away with some great things in return! And I love your inside fireplace, looks great. And the little yellow pedestal your friend gave you is adorable! Enjoy all your new little presents!

  7. Wow, you got a lot of things! That's great! I especially love the cake! I also think the flags look cute there! ~* AJ