Friday, May 18, 2012

New sign

You will have to see the post prior to this one:

I like this one better.


Sam's Art

OK ...  First I tried putting her art onto canvas (ada cloth to look like canvas) but it came out too dull.  So then I put it on photo paper, too brilliant.  I then took modge podge and stroked the pics one way and the other way.  Framed them and wallah....  My friend Barbara came up with a great idea to do it on tee shirt material.... Shoot I had already hang them...  Next time Barbara.  Fantastic Idea.... 

Dont forget to click!!!

I hadn't added a pic of the finished chimney so here it is.

Do you like the art show sign?  Hubby said it is a cute idea but it makes it too busy.  That I have enough "stuff".

Till next time.  LJ

Thursday, May 17, 2012




I am going to try to take some of her paintings and make them small to hang on the walls...

Fingers crossed....  Till then LJ

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Life is taking priority here right now so I am slow at working on GD roof.  I had to rip out the spanish tile as I just couldnt get that sucker to fit around the gable right.  So back to the dollhouse store 30 miles away.  Been there 3 times over the last 3 weeks lol....  Am I organized?  NO!!!  Anyway here is the results of the new roof:  Jeez Louise, these came in out of order but you get the idea.

There is a rug someone gave me and I embroidered welcome on it and I made the sign to go on a post instead of the house.

Hoping to work on it later today. Wish me luck. LJ

Sunday, May 6, 2012


And wow what a fun day it was....  I traveled down to Worcester yesterday to meet with Jeannie girl, her friend Daryl and our friend Barbara to attend a couple of miniature classes at the NAME FUN DAY sponsored by the Friends Thru Miniature Club in Worcester, MA.  They had wonderful things planned for us.  A silent auction, things to buy, great minis to look at and vote on. A continental breakfast, wonderful lunch and great classes.  The first class we all did together and we made a Lumberman's breakfast.  That was so much fun being together for a fun class. See the fab things I made:

Not too fond of the potatoes on the left, will redo those. The next plate is Canadian bacon the teacher gave to us and I think I will practice on those as I think they are a little too pink for my taste and she showed us how to make regular bacon, which she does a fantastic job on.  Can't wait to buy the stuff and try to fiddle with them at home. We made waffles and pancakes with strawberries, blueberries and cherries. Of course butter along with a tray of coffee,  frying eggs, orange juice and syrup.  I didn't get to make the syrup yet which is made from resin and kitchen bouquet (if not familiar with that it is a flavor added to real stews to spice things up.  It is basically a liquid beef bouillon) to put on top of the pancakes and waffles,  which will jazz them up a bit also. I had another class to get to and we were interrupted to clear our tables for lunch.

After Lunch we took off for all their events planned for us...

This was a gift to everyone from the club

I had to buy this doll, I love her face!!!  I was going to make a maid but I have one of those all ready so I think she is going to be a granny instead.

I voted on these in the silent auction and won.  I am a great fan of folk art and these are a must have.  Although I lost out on the Tasha Tudor miniature book, dang....

I bought the stove as I love it.  It is 1/2 scale and I am slowly gathering 1/2 scale things and haven't a clue what I will do with them but I will figure it out, lol...

I lucked out and won a door prize and picked the toy chest kit as it will look cute in my toy store.

Whoops forgot to put this above with the breakfast stuff.  I asked the teacher if I could buy the mold for the waffles and she gave it to me.  Yay....

Said goodbye to the girls as they were taking different classes and went

To the next class which was punch needle. You punch from the wrong side.

This is the front side and the needle we used.


We also received a book and some designs

And lots of yarn and a practice piece.

I spent way too much money but had a wonderful time learning, talking with old friends and  meeting new friends.

Till next time, LJ

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Art Studio Roof

Man this roof is giving me night mares!!!  I just don't know what to do with it...  I tried the shingles that came with the kit but they are so thin I just didn't like them (Did I say warped,  no not me the roof....aha). I think I mentioned somewhere I am keeping the roof as it will look great on a witch or sorcerer house.  Anyway -  I wanted Spanish tile (I have always wanted to live in a house with Spanish tiles, see mini's fullfill some dreams, lol)  and yes I could have made my own out of polymer clay but I just don't have the dang time now as GD's graduation is getting too close, that's what I get for my procrastination...  Here are some pics of the plastic piece I bought to use.

This is the backside....Too shiny and not very Terracotta looking.

Added copper paint -  I loved it but not Terracotta enough, so went out and bought some Terracotta paint...

added some dry brushing with black and green paint

end result

I think once it is cut out I will like it.  Maybe add a few more dry brushings and some moss to make it look even older.

I picked up some more copper foil for the underside of the roof and the peak above the door again, I will have to fill in the slot holes in the peak with putty and some tape so the foil will look even and not show an indent. Also bought a roof ridge which I think I will use copper foil on, not sure yet.  For one side of the house I have vines I bought and apples but decided on a Spring setting instead of Fall,  so have to figure on the flowers (maybe apple blossoms or trying for wisteria, maybe)  for  some sort of espalier or a vine climbing the wall. Hubby cut a platform to put the house on (thanks Hubby, I hate using the big saw, I like my band saw and scroll saw, lol)  which is too big I am going to ask him to cut it down some more.  I picked up some green flocking material to cover it with.  A few years ago I made a birdhouse in a garden setting and I think I am going to put it on the other side of the house.  I am thinking of hanging Sam's art studio sign on a post outside the cottage instead of from the house. 

Mini Hugs, LJ