Friday, May 18, 2012

Sam's Art

OK ...  First I tried putting her art onto canvas (ada cloth to look like canvas) but it came out too dull.  So then I put it on photo paper, too brilliant.  I then took modge podge and stroked the pics one way and the other way.  Framed them and wallah....  My friend Barbara came up with a great idea to do it on tee shirt material.... Shoot I had already hang them...  Next time Barbara.  Fantastic Idea.... 

Dont forget to click!!!

I hadn't added a pic of the finished chimney so here it is.

Do you like the art show sign?  Hubby said it is a cute idea but it makes it too busy.  That I have enough "stuff".

Till next time.  LJ


  1. I think the whole thing is fantastic!!!! I love her artwork!!!!

  2. This art show is very cute! The girl who painted the pictures, looks very good at the computer!
    I like the atmosphere of the room!
    kiss ANDA

  3. I love it!I think the canvasses look wonderful.Like art, real art!Miniature art.