Friday, July 20, 2012

Out of the box

Well the most I have done on the JC House is to get it out of the box.  Maybe by next post I will have something done to show.

 Instead I will show you a shower gift that one of my mini gals is taking to her friend who is getting married..... 

Now this is a joke gift so I hope ya all have a sense of humor, lol....

till next time, LJ


  1. Hi Lady J, stopping by to say hello and wish you well. Will be visiting again soon! Take care. Hugs

  2. I like the fact that you give gifts to sister miniaturists but truly hope the gift is a joke. Marriage is uniting 2 people who expect to come together as one to share their lives and support one another through all aspects of life.(in humor too)So I hope for them!

    Either way, the gift is clever, in a miniature sort of way.~