Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pouting Chair

In an age where children were seen but not heard, the lucky ones had their own chair to retreat to.  It makes for a  useful piece of furniture to be placed by the hearthside, perhaps under or near a shelf or in a child's room.  In my case it will be going beside the NAME ALCOVE. I have decided to make a parlor scene placed in a roombox with a window overlooking the ocean.  Somewhere in my sensibilities  I picture myself spending my summers at the ocean and this would be the room in which I would spend my rainy days, perhaps with my granddaughter sitting in her chair, not pouting mind you, but reading a lovely book or knitting a pretty scarf.  There would be tea and biscuits for the two of us sitting on the tea table and we would be spending a delightful afternoon together. 

Here is the start to my pouting chair, a kit put together by a wonderful artist, Barbara, who is in our miniature club.  This was last nite's project at our mini meet. The fabric will be for the bottom cushion and a cushion against the back.

Can you picture this wonderful tranquil scene?
Till next time, mini hugs and happy miniaturing.  LJ 


  1. Yes, I can picture it all. Love the chair and the fabric is just right with the mini design. Glad you enjoyed the meeting.

  2. Hello Lady jane,
    I can't wait to see it all done. such a lovely piece of furniture...and I love the fabric!
    Big hug,

  3. What a lovely sounding project and I like the "pouting chair" very much.