Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mini Christmas Party

Last night was our mini Christmas party and of course it was fun as usual.  Mostly everyone was there.  I made a Christmas globe for the Santa Swap.  I was practicing on the knitting for the little people.  I want to learn to make it really small.   I can't seem to find needles small enough to knit the pieces so I made it more as an ornament than a miniature.

Now what I received was definitely a mini object!!!
So very tiny!!!  Thanks Barbara!
2 snow scenes for the evening.  One big and one mini....
The nice thing is these snowmen won't melt...
Brrrr, LJ


  1. Oh how fun they both are! Amazing creations.

  2. Hello Lady Jane,
    Wonderful projects and what a great way to celebrate the holidays!
    Big hug,

  3. Cute & festive ! I made some miniature scenes for our home decoration, and am already planning on a shelf of miniature scenes after Christmas preparations are done. Just for fun!