Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mini Exchange Is On It's Way

The rooster towels and the cookbooks I made are winging their way to Michigan.  They are supposed to be there by Mar. 16.  I followed all the directions to the T and got them in the mail early.... I am so proud of myself, lol....  I beat the snow storm also... Just to let you know they were to go into a 6X6X6 box and the post office does not have such an animal.  There smallest is 7x7x7.  And it wasnt on the shelf it was behind the counter.    They tried to give me a video box.  No,  No  it says 6x6x6, right here see....  And I showed it to them.... What to do- what to do.... Off I went to Walmarts and lo and behold YES!!!  a 6x6x6 box for 48cents in their office supply aisle...  I can't wait to get my box of 21 items back.  Actually I should get 42 cause I sent two sets.  They probably will be 2 identical sets back but you know I will find something to do with the extra set.  I am so excited to see what I get back in the Exchange!!!

Till next time.  LJ

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Here are the roses.  The FDT Florist Box of Roses and a Vase of Roses.  These were a little bit tedious lol -  but fun to make.  I will definitely make more of these.  I plan on after the art studio is done to work in polymer clay for a while.  See how to make the roses a couple of posts back.

Till next time. Hugs. LJ

Sunday, February 19, 2012


I have punched out the Sugar Plum House kit from Greenleaf.  I now know why the house was an inexpensive kit.  The wood is not very good and you have to be extremely careful when punching out the pieces so it doesn't splinter. I used a utility knife to help it along.  It is very light weight. Stuccoing will solve this I believe...

Here are a few pics:

Wood splinters easily and will need sanding and hopefully I won't sand it too much cause I will go right thru the piece to the veneer on the other side you see below.

I took a pencil and label'd each piece according to the diagram cause I don't know how hard this will be to put together. And you know if you leave anything for a while  - you go back and scratch your head and say "where the heck was I"...  Now I have a tendancy to do this very thing... I left the outside house pieces in their original places.

I put the smaller pieces in individual bags and labeled them according to construction on diagram. Furniture, roof, fireplace and settle. These are all labeled.

Till next time, LJ

Friday, February 17, 2012

Follow Me With Linky Follower

Hi, When I signed onto Linky Follower I accidently deleted you as a follower. Please follow again.  If you havent previously signed on please do.  It works very much like Friends Connect.  As you know as of Feb. 29th there will be changes with Google Friends Connect.  I dont want to lose any of you my blogging friends. I have become so close to all of you. Thanks LJ

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Still Making Roses

Remember the Florist Box Of Roses.  These little suckers are not for the faint of heart...  I keep practising and practising...   If you go onto Utube you can find tons of tutes for mini roses and they are all good. A lot better than I can explain it, lol.... This is basically how I did it. I took clay and rolled it out and took a 1/4 inch circle and cut them all out.

Cut out about 1/4 inch circles

Flatten so not so thick

Add circles on each side of a piece of wire with a tiny bit of clay on the tip

Keep adding circles all around till you get the look you like. Curl them under as you go. I use a small knitting needle to do this with.

Now take a ball of green and do the same thing. Cut out a bunch of 1/4 circles.  flatten cut into a triangle and shape into a leaf.

Eventually you end up with this

Good luck I am still making more as I want them to improve and look more like roses should.

Till next time. LJ

Monday, February 6, 2012

Antiquing For Minis

The real reason I like antique stores (besides teapots)  is I hunt for minis....  Yesterday I found a bananza!!!  Usually I dont find much.  Two wonderful kits to make and this cute table that opens up. I think this will go in my brownstone kitchen for the time being.

This wonderful Betsy Ross I think will look good in 1/2 Scale surroundings.
So naturally I will have to make a 1/2 Scale Betsy Ross House to put her in.

Won't this be a great mini project!!!

Too many ideas, not enough time!!!

If you would like to view the Betsy Ross House go to

Till next time, LJ

Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Rooster Towel

Finished the towel as promised:

Took a fine red pen to the Roosters because they came out very faint.

Cut towels to size

Peel fabric from freezer paper

Frayed each end and glued sides

Fold in half and glue again

Finished Towel

20 more to go!!!

Till next time. LJ