Thursday, March 28, 2013

Knitting Bonanza

I fell into a bonanza!!!  A lovely lady sent me an email and asked if I was interested in buying her stash of yarn goods.  Hubby and I went to see her and her collection.  I just couldn't resist.  I bought a lot of yarn most 100% cotton but quite a bit of silk and wool in the mix. It is all good for mini knitting... There is also some patterns, some kits and some knitting supplies in there also.  I won't live long enough to use it all up, but she didn't want to sell it piece meal.  It was all or nothing. I know I didn't pay enough for her very organized collection, but she was kind enough and let me have it for a very modest price.  Thank you so much lovely mini lady.  Hubby and I enjoyed our visit with her and her husband and we will be seeing them again soon I hope.  We saw her fantastic dollhouse and all kinds of wonderful mini things.

Last night when I got home I tried my hand at real mini knitting. I thought that red sweater I made a couple weeks ago was hard....  O E Vay...  I picked a really easy pattern out of one of her books and got the top half-way done when I dropped a stitch.  Almost got it picked up when 5 stitches came out and that was that, lol.  I could not see them well enough to pick them up, even with very good magnification.  Will start again later today once I get some errands done.  The pattern asked for silk thread - one strand.  Tried to separate the strands with no luck at all….  Kept fraying on me, must be a trick to it…. I will keep that thread  for a lacy pattern not having to separate the strands. I picked a tatting thread instead, that didn’t go too badly until I lost that dang stitch….  I will have to ask her about separating silk strands, it is probably just patience I am sure, of which I have none.....   I will also have to ask how to do a  "yfrwd" in some of the  directions I read as I have never come across that term in regular knitting.

Last nights attempt:

Pattern I selected...


Tatting thread I picked.  Doll that little outfit will go on. Needles to knit on...

Attempt on left with silk double thread turned out to be too wide for doll. There is no gauge with this pattern only pictures so I am thinking the picture is the size I should be knitting. Mine turned out just a smidgen over the picture but I held it up to the doll and it will be ok.
Piece on right will fit but lost the stitches on. 

Rome wasn't built in a day, lol....
Till next time, LJ


  1. Looks like you'll need a lot of patience for this project. So far, so good. Can't wait to see it finished...

  2. So happy you enjoyed your visit and got such a great deal. I admire your patience and creativity! Happy Easter to you.

  3. Oh what a familiar sight that last photo is becoming to me!

    I think your yfrwd is yfwd which means in a knit row move your yarn to the front of the needles like a pearl row,but take it back to the back of the knitting again over the top of the needle, effectively wrapping it around the needle and creating a stitch which will appear as a hole - clear as mud? I think in the US it might be called yarn over?

  4. I just can't even believe this! WOW...

  5. Seguro que al final te saldrá estupendo el conjunto,solo es cuestión de acertar con la cantidad de puntos!!!!

  6. What a lovely purchase! Enjoy it :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  7. Wow lucky you. Is the book you are using Linda Spratleys? Maybe try using the DMC 80 thread with a size smaller knitting needle! I didn't find they worked with the single strand of embroidery threads...

  8. I have an award for you, if you'd like to pick it up on my blog. :)