Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bit By The Mini Knitting Bug

Here is a knit dress with a scalloped pinafore and mop hat....
I haven't put the buttons on yet as I have to  find a needle small enough to go through the tiny holes.  My friend gave me these teeny tiny buttons... They are too cute for words...  I just couldnt wait to look for the needle, I had to show you the outfit, lol...  They are so adorable....

I am bit by the Mini Knitting Bug...  I am looking through patterns to knit something else.
I can't help myself, lol....


  1. Oh, LJ, they are so sweet. I love how they come out...I think you got it! I love them! Bring some with you when we meet, I want to see them! Too cute for words!

  2. Oh you are, aren't you!! The yellow and white are so pretty together! But,its a good thing you can never have too many, right? Have fun...

  3. This is really lovely. I've tried a bit of mini knitting but it kind of drove me crazy. I was always dropping stitches and in that tiny size I found them impossible to pick up again so seemed to spend a lot of time pulling it out to get down to where the dropped stitch had ended up.

    Thanks for your nice comment on the sofa makeover. It was actually very easy to do. The original upholstery is on a cardboard backing and stuck to the sofa structure, easy to pull of, recover and stick back on again - voila, new sofa!

  4. Hi LJ, this is gorgeous knitwork, well done! It is so tiny and delicate, the clothing turned out well.
    For the needle, you can use a quilt needle with a big eye. I ever bought such a needle and it works fine for miniature sewing work.
    Hugs, Ilona

  5. Hello LJ,
    You do it so incredibly well. I will one day learn how to knit but it is very inspiring to see someone who does it so well. You really raise the bar high. Keep on knitting.
    Big hug,

  6. Very cute. I think it look difficult to knit something that tiny.

  7. You are truly amazing. Cute as can be!

  8. Lady Jane...I can't even imagine making these darling knitted items! All I can manage is a scarf. Just adorable.