Thursday, May 30, 2013

Seed Carrier

I made  the seed carrier the other day.    I used wood and cut it with the jewelers saw though instead of matboard which the instructions called for.  I  burnt seeds into the side with my burning tool.

Unfortunately I didnt write down the web site where I got this from so I cant direct you to it. I can give you the dimensions however and you probably could find the seed packet printies anyway on the web.  So if you would like the directions please say so in your comments and I will print them next post.

Till next time, LJ













  1. Hello LJ,
    It looks lovely. What a ncie touch.
    Big hug to you and your husband,

  2. That is precious. John, my parents and I visited a Shaker Village in KY one summer, and I remember these seed boxes. Love your mini!

  3. The seed carrier looks like one of Joan Swanson's creations. I bet it is on one of her projects. If you go back a ways, I bet you find it! Anyway, it came out really cute and I like how you burned it.