Saturday, November 9, 2013

Off To A Miniature Show

Today friends and I went to a Miniature Show.   I haven't been in a couple of years so of course I overspent.  My logic is " Half of what I spent I would have spent last year if I had gone, and the other half is what I would spend this year"....  Right?  Right!!!  Well, it makes perfect sense to me!!!

Here are the items purchased:

The cute little tea cozy a lady from New Zealand made.  I will never be able to knit this tiny or this good....

The chicken pot pie looks yummy!

The picture below is quarter scale for that dang house I have yet to make...  If this keeps up perhaps I will have all the rooms furnished when I finally put it together.

Also I wanted to show you the brass bed I bought a few weeks ago.  The kids gave me a gift certificate a while back that I hadn't spent yet and this is what I finally bought.  I have always wanted one in real life and isn't that the joy of miniatures.  You can always have what you want...  The bed cover and pillow I made a few years ago.

Here is a tray with lemonade I made a few weeks ago at the mini meet.

Well that's all folks...  Talk to you soon.  LJ


Friday, November 1, 2013

Little Doll

We have a new member in our mini club and she is so very talented.  She also has a blog which is  I just noticed she hasn't been there in a while but she has children and is a very busy lady.  No matter -  what she has on there will keep you busy for a long time researching her fabulous site.   I found her blogging and was excited to learn she lived near our club and she has graciously decided to join us.  I made my little doll per one of  her tutes.  I am new to Picasa so I really don't know how to turn this little lady around so please forgive...
She is in her undies which is tricky to knit.  I will be knitting her a dress to cover up those dreadful arms, lol....

Happy November!!!