Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hi All,

Sorry I haven't been around in a while. I have been sewing up a storm which you can check out over at Our Cozy Abode and haven't done much in mini's recently.  I will....  I have promised myself I will do the 1/4 scale John Craig Inn

I bought from Young at Heart ages and ages ago...This is the mini project for 2014.  I just have to put in 2 new lights in my craft room.  They are u-shaped florescents.   Home Depot told me I could find them on line (more expensive than they used to be) but they wont be selling them anymore because they are being fazed out.Another pain in the butt Government savings plan which is fine if it really does what it is supposed to do,  but now I have to have the lights completely changed over. I think this is a gimmick to keep the economy going. I hate to be forced into doing something. Especially when I have more pressing things to do around the house. Oh well I am not here to complain I am lucky to have 2 rooms, one for sewing and that is where I have been spending my time.

I also want you to try the website  It is a blog that Babette Overman is running for NAME ORG and it is wonderful.  Give it a try.  If you haven't become a member of NAME check it out. The membership is very reasonable and you get this great magazine full of great things.

Till next time, LJ