Tuesday, November 3, 2015

House for the library raffle

I went to the mini meeting yesterday to work on the house to raffle off for the library project.  It is coming along very well.  I missed a couple of meetings because of my colitis problem.  Had a relatively good day yesterday so off I went.  I put my fireplace in the house library and looks good there, when the book shelf goes in the green will match some of the book bindings.  The tickets go on sale Nov. 14 and the winner will be picked in Dec.  We still have a ton of work left but it will get done.  I am working on the outside stairs and I think I am going to do it in a grey for cement surrounded by white bricks.  Not sure if I will have a railing or not.  Went downstairs to hubby's workshop to cut the wood for them and the dang saw blade is frozen. GRRRRR...   I will have to wait for hubby to help me with it.  I am not adept with his machinery.   It probably just needs oiling I am hoping.  Anyway will show you the results as I go.
Pix of the house so far:
 click on photo for a close up....

One of the gals did the stained glass windows and door and widows walk.  She did a fantastic job!!!
Till next time, Hugs, LJ
So pretty so far...  A ton of work left to do.


  1. I sure wish I could enter!!!! Not that I have room for it, but still! Hey I assume you've been to the website 'Tiny Things Are Cute' right? So many things to buy!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tiene un aspecto estupendo!!!!