Saturday, November 7, 2015


I had to take out the balusters and railing on the stairs.  I knew they didn't look right.  They weren't high enough.  I kept looking at them and thought no way Jose!!!  So I took my doll and placed her on the stairs and the railing was too far down for her to comfortably climb the stairs.  Here is the replace balusters and railing.

I am so glad I noticed this...
Off to make some full size placemats.
Cheers, LJ


  1. Glad someone is watching out for her! Stairs can be dangerous. Ah, there is one other blog I'm sure you'd love, Martha's Miniaturopolis! Very nice to meet you here in the blogosphere!

  2. Sounds like me. I would be concerned that she might fall because the railing is too low. Good job. :-)