Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas Mini Meet Party

We had our annual Christmas party and dang if I didn't go off to it without my camera.  Forget my old flip top phone, lol....  No help there.  We had a lovely time catching up and lots of neat mini gifts given by Santa....  I brought a little girl resin doll named Peggy dressed in her nightgown holding a doll.  No pic, sorry....  Trust me, she is adorable...

  These are the gifts I received.

The little snowman was handmade and in the gingerbread house from one of our members. She gave one to everyone.
The little snow baby was also handmade by another member, and we each received one. How cool is that.
My Secret Santa gift was the delightful dragon.
Here is where they will live...

Whoops, you can barely see the snow baby behind the decoration box, but she is there...

The dragon looks great on the fireplace mantel in Mr. Charmington's library

And this little girl is buying the snowman at the toy store.
I think it will be a Merry Christmas at the Charmington House.
Merry Christmas to all.  Love and Hugs, LJ