Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mardi Gras Mini Meet Project

I am in charge of the next mini meet project and this is what I came up with.


Note to members:
I have large mask, small mask, jester hat, fleur de les, banner and letter cut outs…

Someone bringing wooden dowels cut down for the cake

 Your Supply List:

 Ribbons that you can cut into thin, thin strips,  I will bring what I used.

Tiny Feathers (I used full size, cut down)

Tiny, tiny Beads  (I don’t have many) so if you have bring along to share with those who don’t have tiny beads


Colored pens or pencils to color the black and white mask

String for the banner

2  1” different color cubes of fimo for the fondant on the cake. I have a fleur de lis pictured on the cake above.  The fleur de lis is purple, yellow & green

Roller to roll out clay (not bringing oven, it will hold out till you get home and you can put it in oven or not, I don’t think it will matter).

Something to color the toothpicks for the masks. I used sharpies,  less messy than paint.

Fancy Toothpicks (sand paper to make them thinner)


I used thin wire, strung with beads for handle for the small mask.

Wire cutters

Glue that will bond beads to metal.  I used magna tac


Xacto Knife to cut out the eyes on the large mask

Cutting Mat

Very pointed Tweezers

wax paper and tape for  work area.


Small box to take things home in.


Anything else you can think of to embellish your small mask. This mask is tiny and will be a challenge to embellish so glitter may be the way to go.
 Mini Hugs, LJ