Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Micky D's Mac Attack

We were suppose to have a meeting last night but we had snow and some people come where they had a lot coming down so we cancelled the meeting.  This is what we were going to make.

Made the boxes with the silhouette but not real fond of them, hard to put together. I found another box on the net and will try that one.

Used this pattern for the milk shake

I haven't had a McDonalds Happy Meal in soooooooooooo
long!!! At least a year.  This is due to my age and health reasons.
Of course this one has no calories but I don't think I will eat this one.

Guess what I am going to have as soon as I go by a Micky D's, lol... 
Cant hurt once in a while....

Hugs, LJ