Saturday, August 20, 2016


I have been practicing with dolls again.  I bought some felting wool and some needles from a felt co and made a gnome. 

Wool and needle pad and needles

These needles are extremely sharp!!!

I followed the felt alive tute for the gnome.  I really didn't have enough wool left over to make the arms and hat so I had to fudge it.  Probably my fault not theirs, lol....   But for my first try I am relatively pleased.   I only stabbed myself once and not very hard so I didn't draw blood.  You really have to pay attention to what you are doing.  Having ADD disorder makes this not an easy task, lol... The next tute is for mushrooms so I will try those and try to make them tiny.  I figured for the first try I better keep to the directions.

From my previous post I showed the beginnings of a doll I was doing with wool called felt wee folk dolls and have that one almost finished, but my faces suck so I probably will leave it blank or just put eyes in.

Of course as you can see I need to make the gnome much smaller in regards to the sitting felt wee folk doll.

I want to play around with whimsical scenes (like fairy and gnome woodland gardens) so hopefully I can come up with something inbetween these two....

Of course the felting will work great for animals.

Thanks for looking.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Felt Wee Folk

I bought a new book...

I decided to make people for my beach scene with felt people not polymer clay people.  I need to learn a new technique, one that isn't so time consuming. So far I have done the body.

I need to find wool felt.  I am hoping the store in town that carries braided rug supplies will have what I need.

I will keep you posted.

Hugs, LJ

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Beach House Change

I knew those dang plants wouldn't do well...  It just so happened I was at a craft show in the area yesterday and lo and behold they had air plants. Expensive...  this scene is costing me big time, lol... But, gee, it should look better than dying plants...  I think I saved the hens and chicks just in time though, I am going to put them in with the weeds in my outdoor strawberry planter. If the air plants don't work, I will go to fake or is it faux, but I love a touch of realism...

Now, to make people for the scene. I am thinking a mom with her kid.  I am going to try my hand at felt folks, but I think for here I will use polymer clay. I know how to make them.  Hugs, LJ

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Beach Scene

Hi All, Wow, cant believe I haven't been doing minis since April...   At the miniature club we are doing beach scenes.  We only meet once a month now so we are not always all there and sometimes because just a couple of people will be coming we cancel the meeting because some of us travel a ways to get there.  But, this month 4 of us were there and this is my attempt at a beach scene. 

I put a little house I had hanging around behind the scene. It is out of scale but I thought it looked cute.  In my mind I picture it on a big hill so it would look smaller from down below, lol....

You will notice I tried planting real plants in here and I don't know how this will work out trying to keep the sand dry.  I thought I had the garden well enclosed but it did leak thru to the sand.  I probably will pull them out of there and replace with fake plants.  We will see.  I am hoping the sand will dry quickly and I wont have to water too often as they are hens and chicks and a cacti in there.

Make sure to enlarge the pics so you make out the hat, flip flops, suntan lotion, beach bag  and blanket we all made.  There is also a message in a bottle out in the ocean, hee hee...  I am going to try my hand at some whimsical clay kids to put in the scene.

I added my McDonalds meal. What better place to eat a big mac than at the beach... Don't you love sand in your burger?

I will try to get pics of the others as they are completed.  You wouldn't think every one would have different scenes but they do.

Hugs, LJ