Thursday, August 4, 2016

Beach Scene

Hi All, Wow, cant believe I haven't been doing minis since April...   At the miniature club we are doing beach scenes.  We only meet once a month now so we are not always all there and sometimes because just a couple of people will be coming we cancel the meeting because some of us travel a ways to get there.  But, this month 4 of us were there and this is my attempt at a beach scene. 

I put a little house I had hanging around behind the scene. It is out of scale but I thought it looked cute.  In my mind I picture it on a big hill so it would look smaller from down below, lol....

You will notice I tried planting real plants in here and I don't know how this will work out trying to keep the sand dry.  I thought I had the garden well enclosed but it did leak thru to the sand.  I probably will pull them out of there and replace with fake plants.  We will see.  I am hoping the sand will dry quickly and I wont have to water too often as they are hens and chicks and a cacti in there.

Make sure to enlarge the pics so you make out the hat, flip flops, suntan lotion, beach bag  and blanket we all made.  There is also a message in a bottle out in the ocean, hee hee...  I am going to try my hand at some whimsical clay kids to put in the scene.

I added my McDonalds meal. What better place to eat a big mac than at the beach... Don't you love sand in your burger?

I will try to get pics of the others as they are completed.  You wouldn't think every one would have different scenes but they do.

Hugs, LJ


  1. It just looks sooo cute! You are so talented.

  2. Hello L.J.,
    How lovely! that is a really fun project and a great centerpiece. Great job on the water.
    Big hug

  3. I loooooove it!!!!!! The message in a bottle is such a great touch!

  4. What a cool thing!!! Thank you for the smiles...

  5. This is cute and clever. You have such creative talent!

  6. It is soo cute. Wished I was at the real beach right now with all this heat we are having.

  7. Wonderful beach scene great details. The little house is so cute.
    Hugs Maria

  8. So very cute...I would love to make one