Saturday, August 20, 2016


I have been practicing with dolls again.  I bought some felting wool and some needles from a felt co and made a gnome. 

Wool and needle pad and needles

These needles are extremely sharp!!!

I followed the felt alive tute for the gnome.  I really didn't have enough wool left over to make the arms and hat so I had to fudge it.  Probably my fault not theirs, lol....   But for my first try I am relatively pleased.   I only stabbed myself once and not very hard so I didn't draw blood.  You really have to pay attention to what you are doing.  Having ADD disorder makes this not an easy task, lol... The next tute is for mushrooms so I will try those and try to make them tiny.  I figured for the first try I better keep to the directions.

From my previous post I showed the beginnings of a doll I was doing with wool called felt wee folk dolls and have that one almost finished, but my faces suck so I probably will leave it blank or just put eyes in.

Of course as you can see I need to make the gnome much smaller in regards to the sitting felt wee folk doll.

I want to play around with whimsical scenes (like fairy and gnome woodland gardens) so hopefully I can come up with something inbetween these two....

Of course the felting will work great for animals.

Thanks for looking.


  1. You are talented with so many crafts. Love the dolls! Can't wait to see the mushrooms.

  2. He is just adorable!!! And I love your roses on wood background! So pretty!

  3. So sweet. I cannot imagine having the patience to do this and those needles are so sharp!

  4. He turned out great! I've been wanting to try felting, maybe some day I will.

  5. Your felted gnome is so cute. I love your little doll.
    Hugs Maria

  6. Hello LJ,
    I like that figure very much. Well done.
    Big hug

  7. Your gnome and wee doll are so cute. I think these turned out very well!

  8. So cute. And such neat work!

  9. So cute. And such neat work!

  10. My friend Cindy does a lot of felt work! Your gnome is adorable!!! You should do more.

  11. They are so cute! Looks like fun to me! Keep going! Can't wait to see the mushrooms!

  12. They are so cute! Looks like fun to me! Keep going! Can't wait to see the mushrooms!

  13. Oh! I love your gnome! I love his face too. He looks so amazing. He's got lots of character. Now come over and teach me how to do that!